Your ignorance of my knowledge of the ticketing system is very real, but completely non existent. How about, next time you know nothing about a subject you choose to say nothing about said subject?

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I also hope to God or whoever is up there that City 's charges get cleared and Pep remains the coach. If we want to be the best we must beat the best and we can do it.

Arteta has after all spent more money than Pep since he joined. He has everything he needs at an institutionally top club like arsenal to take down pep and city. He should prove his class against the best the field has to offer.

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That is such a misleading comment

Arteta had to because City had been outspending Arsenal and rest for years prior. It is also untrue when you look at wages as well as fees. See latest Swiss Ramble post on this very subject

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I'd just like to say that while it's been a good season, I'm disappointed we haven't won the league because we should have. We lost the league to Arteta's first half of the season experiments. We lost the previous one to his inexperience (not finding a solution for Holding). City haven't been vintage in these past 2 seasons. I'm not sure if we can sustain these performances more than next season without winning the league. I see it as make or mar. Personally I will be Arteta out on all platforms officially if we don't win next season. The process is over, we need to win and win NOW.

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No new post yet?

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Arsenal will offload this summer at least 10 players from first team squad.

The players currently out on loan will certainly leave on permanent deals and my guess is that they

will be joined by Ramsdale, Partey, Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Nketiah.

Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Nketiah have sadly not progressed. None can complain if they leave the

club, because they have all had the chance to prove themselves. Smith-Rowe is perhaps unlucky,

because he is a talented player, but sadly injury prone.

Elneny and Cedric are leaving on frees.

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Sofar you have posted 12 x today. I have not counted how many you have posted yesterday.

All your posts have a similar theme. That the club is not well run and we have not won a single

trophy this year.

This is more or less the same messaging that you have posted whenever you appear on Le Grove.

Frankly you are a village idiot who talks bullshit. You know nothing about football or for that matter

how to build a successful sports team/club.

Manchester City have dominated the EPL in six seasons out of seven and they have won also many

other trophies as well. They have a squad where many of the players sitting on the bench are costing £50-100 Million + and most of them earn £250K to 350K pw.

So for Arsenal to achieve second place in consecutive seasons is an achievement. Unlike you I have supported the club through thick and thin over 70 years.

Bluntly the current team compares favourably with the Invincibles and is certainly better than all other Arsenal teams who have won league titles which I have watched since the 1970s.

It is how time that you stop posting on here, because frankly your purile views are not appreciated.

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Benkiind I think Emirates used a lot of big words you won't understand basically what he is saying is your are a prat

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If the 115 charges lead to a whitewash then serious questions will need to be asked of the investigators. How can you allege 115 offences of various aspects including refusing to cooperate (which surely is a given fact ??) as well as manufacturing income and falsifying records AND be WRONG on all of them?

If they were then it is incompetence on an immense scale

It follows that some of them must be right and if so why were City not suspended until investigations were complete??

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on the streets what Rodri would get him locked up. Fella is due for something nasty coming his way if he continues playing like a MMA fighter. If we get Guimares, he can put some pain on him. haha

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I cannot wait for summer transfers in and outs.

I just hope we dont wait so long nickle and diming. We have CL money, Prem money, lets do this Edu

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Fuck Rodri that thick cunt

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What a prick Rodri is talking about our mentality

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Well done Ronay, for being one of the very few in the media to write about this


there’s the thing nobody really wants to talk about much because it’s a hypothetical, and also because, frankly, it’s harshing the super soaraway vibe. Here it is though. When you’ve had a final‑day thriller, when proximity at the top is the unique selling point of the league, how does this intersect with a champion team carrying 115 charges related to alleged financial irregularity, every one of them potentially the source of a points deduction?

Is this real? Are we waiting for the other shoe to drop? These questions can exist simultaneously with the fact Manchester City are a brilliant, hall-of-famer team and a joy to watch. None of this is anything to do with the players or manager. These are incredible champions. But they have also won the league by two points in a season when teams with far fewer charges were docked eight points and four points for breaking rules on expenditure. How are fans of those teams supposed to feel watching the trophy being hoist?

Those charges have been processed during the current season. If City are found guilty – a big if, as they deny every charge – a genuine regulator with a desire to enforce the rules would have a full range of penalties available. In the middle of which two points look pretty small beer.

There are also issues of sporting legitimacy, robustness and the basic credibility of the brand here. We need to feel this is real, that success has been fairly audited. If there is any weight at all to the Premier League charging its teams, even the most powerful, this needs to be resolved as soon as possible, if only to avoid that sense of a shadow-asterisk, a league title awarded pending resolution.

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Every fan stayed behind and sang Mikel name for a good 10 mins I think the fans were happy with what they saw this season.

I only see dissatisfaction on the internet when you get weirdos that cannot see our trajectory and are only trolling

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Did you get I❤️Mikel tattooed on your chest yet?

Don’t let Bob beat you to it.

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ESR is clearly done at Arsenal, he’s 24 this summer, has hardly played in 2.5 seasons.

Started 3 PL games since May 2022, was our best player from Dec 2020 - Dec 2021, but that was 2.5 years ago now.

We need to sell him before we tank his value any further, and he needs to leave for consistent football, before his career risks slipping him by.

I like him.. But any permanent offers for Eddie, Nelson, Smith Rowe, and I expect they’ll be gone.

All will be 24… And none are now likely to make the breakthrough at Arsenal.

Time to pivot and freshen things up.

For all the talk of City’s 115., and how they got here…

They also operate astutely, and there’s things we can learn for them, they sell well, and are proactive rather than reactive in evolving their squad.

They don’t wait for things to go sideways before pivoting, they pivot while players still hold value, and do so from a position of strength.

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Also after losing wilshere I couldn’t cope if we lost one of Saka or ESR

I feel ESR has a higher ceiling than Saka

He has more to his game and I’m a HUGE fan of Saka so it’s high praise indeed

Keep that boy fit and in th team and he will explode, again

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Well…. Everyone thought the same about Saliba and martinelli and then both were parachuted straight into the starting lineup

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I like him… But Arteta has had ample opportunities to give him consistent minutes, but he hasn’t.

Also Martinelli was 20, and Saliba was 21.. I also argued that both would come into our first team.

Arteta could have played Smith Rowe on the left, but Martinelli, Trossard, and even Nelson has been preferred there.

He could have given him a run at left 8… I’d have been open to seeing it, but he hasn’t.

He’s 24 this summer and has played less than 700 minutes across the last 2 seasons, and hardly played in the 2nd half of 2021/22.

We’re at the stage of play him, or sell him?..

Based off the fact we’ve had ample opportunities to play him, but haven’t..

The logical solution is to sell him.. But I agree with you that he has a lot of quality.

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May 20·edited May 20

Maybe Rich

Time will tell

I mean he put him on before Jesus and vieira chasing down a vital, potentially title deciding goal on the final day of the season, so I’m not so convinced

He’s also spoken glowinglynof what he offers and has categorically stated that he will not sell him earlier in th season

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If you scroll past bellend kinds comments you will miss about 100 pieces of drivel

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I really hope we don’t sell ESR as he looked great yesterday and always looks dangerous and classy whenever he plays

There aren’t many like him about and if he goes i fear we will regret it very quickly

He could have ended this season with 7-8 goals and was unlucky not to

We have to get this kid more game time as he’s pure quality and possesses a unique blend of traits

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