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Hopefully, you love Arsenal and you appreciate that there are still independent writers like me who contribute to the Arsenal content ecosystem regularly. Le Grove has been a 17 year passion project for me, I want that to continue, and moving here is key to that.

The model is a work in progress, but if you subscribe (paid), you’ll get access to every piece of work that comes from LE GROVE (200+ blogs per year) and THE AOP (3-5 per week). The writing and the podcasts will come advert-free. You’ll get access to the content via the newsletter. I’ll be setting up a Le Grove Discord. Finally, once I work this platform out, I’m going to start opening up the blog archive… that’s 17 years of daily commentary (5,600 in total) for you to sift through.

If you want to subscribe to the free model, there will still be plenty of work for you to look at.

Whatever suits you, I’m just happy you’re here. x

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